SOLTON TS-4 Modulo de sonido con ritmos USADO VINTAGE

SOLTON TS-4   Modulo de sonido con ritmos Solton TS4  organizado en 3 partes melódicas  más un patrón rítmico   PRECIO 99 EUR  

8031 INTEL 8-bits CPU. - monophonic bass

- chord 1 melody

- chord 2 melody

- PCM drums

Fecha de lanzamiento  1989
Display: 16 x 2 LCD
Synthesis: hybrid
Resolution: 16 bits
ROM size: ?
Polyphony: ?
Multitimbric: 4 parts
Filter: lowpass
LFO: none

- BASS is monophonic and features 16 different presets e.g slap, picked, sixties, fingered. Not much else but BASS BRILLANCE which is a kind of filter EQ.

- CHORD 1 there are 32 patches e.g strings, EP, grand piano, fiddle, organ, choir, brass, pads... You can filter it with CHORD BRILLANCE function

- CHORD 2 another wave of 32 patches: marimba, piano, funky, mellow, clarinet, flute, harmonica, guitar, bell ...

- DRUMS 7 channels with individual gain and outs for a total of 43 percussions sounds samples.Some drum functions like ROLL and FLAME. Drums includes: kick, snare, Hihat, ride, tambourine, toms, shaker-maracas

Envelope: 3 EGs
Memory: 100 slots
Midi: IN / OUT / THRU

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